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This device will neutralize the normally disruptive Alternating Current EM field produced by the wiring within the walls of your home or workplace, creating a supportive, healthful "energy oasis" in which to live and work. In addition, the Pulsor conditioned wiring now functions as a protective "cage", filtering the disruptive effects of geopathic and broadcast forms of radiation. When installed between a wall outlet and a live electrical device, its protective effect extends to all areas fed by that circuit's breaker box. In most cases, this is an entire office or single-family home. The VEF is a 3x6 inch cylindrical Pulsor devices configured around a heavy duty, three-wire conductor and terminated with grounded connectors. It is black in color. These units are not surge protectors.


VEF Hi-res.png
Pulsor Vortex Energy Stabilizer

Emf Protection Series

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