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This series of Pulsor is fundamentally different from all other Pulsors. Instead of using energy pressures exerting on Piezo Electric Microcrystals, it makes use of the inherent nuclear resonance created by the natural scalar vortex of the nuclei. The Five Elements Pulsor works with a much deeper layer of polarities on the cellular level and also nourishes the nervous system.


As there is no Piezo Electric effect, The Five Elements Pulsor are not to be used for EMF protection or conditioning. They do however have the distinct capacity for profound work and balancing at the Emotional & Spiritual levels. These are predominantly used for therapeutic work, and may also be applied in conjunction with the any of the other Pulsor models.


This advanced Super Infra Five Element Pulsor functions at higher more subtle frequencies, which are beyond the scope of the other series of Pulsor.


Pulsor Super Infra Five Elements Stabilizer Therapeutic Series

Advanced Balancing Series

Pulsor Vortex Energy Stabilizer
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