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The Ultima Series Pulsor is designed for use in Automatic Balancing of the Vortex Energy Centers and contains the full spectrum of frequencies. The Theta & Delta are designed to address the distortions and constant movement of the Mind, by slowing down the brain wave frequencies. Used in Balancing the Vortex Energy Centers, the Theta & Delta Pulsors are designed to "free-up" the rigid Mind and it's distorted patterns. When the mind and brain waves are quiet, balance will automatically begin. Most of all our tensions & relaxations of our muscles and emotions on a cellular level, is affecting the mitogenesis functions of our physical organs. This is a major cause of our organic cellular disease & disharmony.


The Advanced Super Infra Ultima Theta Pulsor functions at higher more subtle frequencies, which are beyond the scope of the other series of Pulsor. It is suggested to use the Pulsor Series I, II & III first to release the many layers of blocked energy in the body.


Pulsor Super Infra Ultima Theta Therapeutic Series

Advanced Balancing Series

Pulsor Vortex Energy Stabilizer
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